Launch of Youpron fanzines 1 & 2 at Studio H13.

Youpron is a “room” where you can explore you consomation of pornography and question it.
Youpron is acting in favour of a better pronography when it is so implicate into mainstream culture. Not acting against diffusion of sex tapes or others but of a more representative of what we are in real life. 
Do porno as you act in life, do feminist porno, do gay porno!!

For Valentine’s Day 2019 Studio H13 presents the two first issues of Youpron fanzine. 
Design to set into a VHS box, the two zines offer a point of view of six artists with texts and graphic design illustrations.
Find goodies inside.
Nicole Mersey Ortega
Maxime Paillot
Igor Deschamps
Agathe Vilo
Carola Uehlken
Hector Msk Mosko
Laure Giappiconi

Everything you need to know about this activist collective named YOUPRON is there: