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Studio H13 is a worldwide connected art gallery and bookshop with recent exhibitions presented in Paris, Athens & Mexico City.
Itinerant these last years, H13 is running residency and publishing programs from the atelier in Lyon (Fr) with international creatives around drawing, painting & graphic design fields.

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Where to find our books in the world:

Casa Bosques, Mexico City, Mexico
Exit Libreria, Mexico City, Mexico
Cancan Project, Mexico City, Mexico
Dichroïc Lab, Mexico City, Mexico
Adad books, Athens, Greece
Entropia records, Athens, Greece
O Meteoritis, Athens, Greece
Librairie Yvon Lambert, Paris, France
Unité Centrale, Lyon, France
Sofa Records, Lyon, France
Waste Store, London, UK
Cafe Otto, London, UK
Books Peckham, London, UK
Open Store, Basel, Swiss
Disonord, Paris, France
Disonord, Marseille, France
The Sounds of Music, Lyon, France
Waste Store, London, England
Staalplaat, Berlin, Germany
Classic Paris, Paris France
BATT COOP, Paris France
After 8 books, Paris, France
Boomerang, Lyon, France
Bal des Ardents, Lyon, France
Agent Troublant, Marseille, France
Distro Cyno, Marseille, France
Imo Books, Tokyo, Japan
Puresu de Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
Quimby’s, Chicago, USA