Print That Sheet #2, Lyon
Independant Art Book Fair
by Studio H13.

Second part of the first year of Print That Sheet.
Undreads of art editions, fanzines, old books and futur ones. Promoting contre culture print productions with this bi annual event at the gallery Studio H13 and around in Lyon.

Give a free access to the public of this selected artistic works to discover and “read” them but also start purchasing them around the globe or at the Studio H13 bookshop all year round.

Print That Sheet again!

With the participation of:

Les éditions cométes (Lyon)
Inkpress (Lyon)
Mika Oki (Bruxelles)
Meta 907 (Limoges – Lyon – Mexico City)
Red Lebanese (Paris)
Editions Terrain Vague (Poitiers – Paris)
Batt Coop (Paris)
Cosmodule (Lyon)
Panthère Première (Lyon)
Klub 7 (Berlin)
Tip Top Print (Saint Etienne)
Contagious Shooting (Bueno Aires)
Puresu de Tokyo (Tokyo)
Burly (Tel Aviv)
Laurie Franck (Munich)
Carnet Riinck (Lyon)